Last Updated: 1 Oct 2021

• Can you see my data or using them in any case?

No, All your data will be on your device and sync with your iCloud account, we are using iCloudKit to sync your data between your devices using your same Apple ID.

• Do you collect any data about me?

No, we don't collect any data about the users, and we will never do this thing, here at Fantazia we respect user privacy and it's one of our rules to build great and good products.

• Can I import my data from third-party apps like Trello or Jira?

Currently, you can't do this thing, but we plan to add this feature soon.

• How I can request a feature or report a bug?

You can request a feature or report any bug or even you can help us in the app translation, just go to settings and choose the correct action you need and send an email with your feedback or the bug and we will work on it asap.

• Can I use this app with my friends or anyone else?

No, the main goal for this app is to track your tasks or plan anything you need. It's a personal app design and built for you, but maybe we can add this feature in the future.

• Is my data secured?

Yes, you are the only one who can access your data. Your data will be stores on your device and the iCloud only.

• Can I export my data to an external file?

Yes, go to settings - export data - and export the data you need.

• Which permission do you need?

FaceID / TouchID to unlock TaskTale with them. Notifications to get reminders and notifications about your tasks.

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